TheMadButterfly (themadbutterfly) wrote in geniuslove,

FIc Search, An Indecent Affair

Hi, I am so hoping someone here might know a link to this story. I'm looking for a Au Sasuke/Neji story called "An Indecent Affair". I can't believe I know the tittle and still cannot find it ! I hope the Author didn't delete it. Its a Au story where Neji is raped by Orochimaru and Sasuke hires Neji  as his assistant to protect him. I have looked everywhere and googeled and I still cannot find it!!! So, please if anyone knows the author or a link please comment and let me know and I will love you forever!

thank you!
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It was on, so if you were looking on, that's why you weren't finding it ;)

An Indecent Affair by ClaireBear
its on aff you can look it up by author clairebear the story is one of my favorites