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NejiSasu goodness!

Hey there, I just wanted to let folks know that I started up a SasuxNeji club and a C2 community on The C2 community will only have fics that are being worked on or completed fics, nothing dead or on "hiatus"(which is really a fancy term for 'dead' when it comes to FF). There is one on Y!Gallery and one on DA, both will have different aspects to them. There will be contests and points members can accumlate to get prizes, even cash prizes and possibly yaoi doujinshi. If you have some NejiSasu fics not on FF or DA, hook me up with a link and I'll post it up on each club. Anyway, without further ado:

SasukexNeji FC @ Deviant Art
SasuNeji @ Y!Gallery
SasuxNeji C2 Community

Give it a look see if you can!
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