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Because NejiSasu is love

(in a barrel)

A NejiSasu Community
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All Members , Moderated

{ welcome }

geniuslove is a community for the fans of the relationship between Hyuuga Neji and Uchiha Sasuke from the anime & manga series Naruto.

Yes, yes. We know that they hardly have anything to do with each other in the actual series, but when has that ever stopped the fangirls? (Just look at Kakashi & Iruka.) Anyways, a bit of crack!yaoi is always good for the soul.

This community is dedicated to the NejiSasu (or SasuNeji, if that's your preference) pairing, and members are encouraged to post all forms of fannish activity their dirty minds can dig up. Fic, art, icons, barrels and crack, even discussion if they feel like it. Although this is a pairing community, friendship fics between these two are accepted as well, I doubt there's enough NejiSasu in the world for us to be picky about it.

So, if this tickles your fancy, join up. Membership is free and tasty.

If you are looking for fanfic about this pairing, you may also want to try the ff.net C2 community for it.

{ rules }

01 don't be an idiot.
02 no flaming, bashing or trolling.
03 don't post fanfic / fanart that isn't your, unless you have a permission to do so. stealing is for idiots, you know.

{ posting guidelines }

01 stay on topic, which is to say that all posts should involve NejiSasu in some way.
02 please try to use proper English as much as you can.
03 fanfic / fanart should always be under an lj-cut. no exceptions.
04 mark clearly whether your post is WORKSAFE or NOT WORKSAFE.
05 always put not worksafe material under a cut.
06 if posting more than 3 icons in one post, put the rest under a cut.

{ affiliates }


If you'd want to affiliate, please contact the moderator over her personal journal or via email.

{ moderator }


If trouble arises, contact either of the mods and we'll see what we can do.

{ layout }

Made by pteek specifically for this community. Screencaps from AnimeGalleries.net; override help from everything_lj and howto; lyrics quote in the banner from H. by Tool.

Adoptables in the community icon are from D.co, made into an icon by pteek.